Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Noah’s Ark

Genesis 6:13-14, 22; 7-8, 9:16-17

So God said to Noah, “People have made the earth full of violence. So I will destroy all people from the earth. Build a boat of cypress wood for yourself. Make rooms in it and cover it inside and outside with tar.”

Then the Lord said to Noah, “I have seen that you are the best man among the people of this time. So you and your family go into the boat. Take with you seven pairs, each male with its female, or every kind of clean animal. And take one pair, each male with its female, of every kind of unclean animal. Take seven pairs of all birds of the sky, each male with its female. 

This will allow all these animals to continue living on the earth after the flood. Seven days from now I will send rain on the earth. It will rain 40 days and 40 nights. I will destroy from the earth everything that I made.”  Noah did everything that the Lord commanded him.

Noah was now 600 years old. The flood started on the seventeenth day of the second month of that year. That day the underground springs split open. And the clouds in the sky poured out rain. The rain fell on the earth for 40 days and 40 nights.

On that same day Noah and his wife, his sons Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives went into the boat. They had every kind of wild animal and tame animal. There was every kind of animal that crawls on the earth. Every kind of bird was there. They all came to Noah in the boat in groups of two. There was every creature that had breath of life. One male and one female of every living thing came. It was just as God had commanded Noah. Then the Lord closed the door behind them.

Water flooded the earth for 40 days. As the water rose, it lifted the boat off the ground. The water continued to rise, and the boat floated on the water above the earth. The water rose so much that even the highest mountains under the sky were covered by it. The water continued to rise until it was more than 20 feet above the mountains.

All living things that moved on the earth died.  All that was left was Noah and what was with him in the boat. And the waters continued to cover the earth for 150 days.

But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and tame animals with him in the boat. God made a wind blow over the earth. The water that covered the earth began to go down. After 150 days, it came to rest on one of the mountains of Ararat. The water continued to go down. By the first day of the tenth month, the tops of the mountains could be seen.

Forty days later Noah opened the window he had made in the boat. He sent out a raven. It flew here and there until the water had dried up from the earth. Then Noah sent out a dove. This was to find out if the water had dried up from the ground. The dove could not find a place to land because water still covered the earth. So it came back to the boat. Noah reached out his hand and took the bird. And he brought it back into the boat.

After seven days Noah again sent out the dove from the boat. And that evening it came back to him with a fresh olive leaf in its mouth. Then Noah knew that the ground was almost dry. Seven days later he sent the dove out again. But this time it did not come back.

Then God said to Noah, “You and your wife, your sons and their wives should go out of the boat. Bring every animals out of the boat with you—the birds, animals and everything that crawls on the earth. Let them have many young ones and let them grow in number.”

So Noah went out with his sons, his wife and his sons’ wives. Every animal, everything that crawls on the earth and every bird went out of the boat. They left by families.

Then Noah built an altar to the Lord. Noah took some of all the clean birds and animals. And he burned them on the altar as offerings to God. The Lord was pleased with these sacrifices. 
He said to himself, “I will never again curse the ground because of human beings. Their thoughts are evil even when they are young. But I will never again destroy every living things on the earth as I did this time.

“As long as the earth continue, there will be planting and harvest. Cold and hot, summer and winter, day and night will not stop….

When the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it. Then I will remember the agreement that continues forever. It is between me and every living things on the earth.”

So God said to Noah, “That rainbow is a sign. It is the sign of the agreement that I made with all living things on earth.”

Discussion Questions

  • Who built the ark? Noah did because God told him to.
  • How old was Noah when he ntered the ark? 600 years old How many days and nights did it rain? 40 days and 40 nights
  • What did God make to show his promise to never flood the earth again? The rainbow


Dear God,

Thank you for the story of Noah’s Ark  and the promise of the rainbow, that you will never flood the earth again. Help us to be thankful for all the great things you have done for us. Amen

Bible Verse

 “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” ~ Genesis 1:31


Experiment: Catching a Rainbow Indoors Materials:· Clear glass or medium size clear jar
· Water
· Window Sill
· Bright sunlight
· White paper
· Watercolor paints or crayons

  1.  Fill a glass or clear jar with water to the top.
  2.  Set the glass or jar on the window sill in bright sunlight.
  3.  The glass or jar should stick out over the ledge just a little bit.
  4.  Place a white piece of paper on the floor in front of the window    (tape together 2 or 3 pieces to form a poster size and obtain a bigger rainbow image).
  5. A rainbow will be reflected on the paper. This will greatly depend on how bright the sunlight is and the positioning of the class jar, so move the jar side to side on the window sill to help the process until you see the rainbow reflected on the paper.
  6. Quickly draw lines to capture to rainbow on the piece of paper; your child can paint directly on the paper on the floor as the rainbow is reflected there.


Adam and Eve

Genesis 2 & 3

God had planted a beautiful garden for Adam in a place called Eden.  A river flowed through the garden. Adam loved his new home. His job was to name all the animals and care for them.

Adam loved all the animals, but he could not find a friend that was just right for him.

So God created a woman.

Adam named her Eve. She was just right for Adam. Adam and Eve loved each other. Together they took care of God’s garden.

Many trees grew in the Garden of Eden. God told Adam and Eve, “You may eat the fruit from any tree except for one. Never eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

Now, there was a sneaky snake in the garden.

One day, the snake saw Eve near the special tree. 

It hissed, “Did God really tell you not to eat the fruit from this tree?”

The snake wanted Eve to disobey God. It said, “You should try some of this tasty fruit. If you eat it, you will be like God. You will be able to tell the difference between good and evil.”

The fruit looked tasty.

Eve remembered what God had said, but she ate the fruit anyway. Then Eve gave some to Adam. He took a bite, too.

As the sun was going down, Adam and Eve heard God walking through the garden. He was looking for them. Adam and Eve hid among the trees. They were afraid.

What have you done?” God asked. “Did you eat the fruit from the forbidden tree?”

Adam said, “Yes, but Eve gave it to me.”

Eve said, “Yes, but the snake tricked me.”

God told the snake, “Because of what you did, you will always crawl on your belly.”

Then he told Adam and Eve, “Because you disobeyed me, you can no longer live in the garden.”

Adam and Eve left the garden. God placed angels and a flaming sword to guard the entrance.

Adam and Eve would not be allowed in the garden again.

Discussion Questions

· What was the place God planted for Adam? Eden
· Who did God create for Adam? Eve
· What did Adam and Eve do that was wrong? They disobeyed God and ate from 
   the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
· What happened to Adam and Eve? They had to leave the garden and the were not 
  allowed to come back.


Dear God,

Thank you for creating this beautiful world for us to enjoy.  Thank you for our time together and the story of Adam and Eve. Amen.

Bible Verse 

   “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”  ~ Genesis 1:31

Craft: Making a Snake
· Paper Plates
· Paint (or markers, crayons, etc….)
· Scissors
· Wiggly Eyes and glue (optional)

Let your child decorate the plate in “Snake Colors,” such as Brown, Orange, Green and Yellow.  Show them that they can blend the colors, or even leave some of the plate blank to see the ”ribbed” edges of the plate. 
Once the plates are dry, help your child cut their plates in a spiral shape as seen here.  (If you draw in the lines with a pencil, that helps them to know where to cut.)  The place where they start the cutting will be the tail and the “circle” in the center will be the head. (Remind them not to cut any pieces all the way off or they’ll have a short snake! ) After cutting out the snake, glue on the wiggly eyes or draw them on with marker or crayon.