Monday, December 5, 2016

Jesus is Born

Luke 2:1-7

Mary loved Joseph.  Mary and Joseph were going to be married soon.  Joseph lived in Nazareth, but his family lived in Bethlehem.
A new leader named Caesar ordered all people to go back to their homeland.  He wanted to count all the people in his kingdom.  So Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem.
Mary was going to have her baby soon.  When they arrived in Bethlehem, they looked for a safe place to sleep, but all the inns were full.
Finally, a man was able to help them.  He said, “I do not have any rooms left, but you are welcome to sleep in the stable.”
Joseph made a warm place for Mary to rest.  While they were there, little baby Jesus was born.

Mary wrapped Jesus in strips of cloth and gently laid him in a manger.

Discussion Questions

  • Where did Mary and Joseph live? Nazareth
  • Why did Caesar want all people to return to their homeland? He wanted to count them in his kingdom
  • Where did Mary and Joseph go?   Bethlehem
  • Was Mary going to have a baby?  Yes
  • Where did they sleep? Stable
  • Did Mary have the baby in the stable? Yes
  • What did they name the baby boy?  Jesus


Dear God, thank you for birth of Jesus.  Your love is such a gift!  Amen 

Memory Verse

“She will name him Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.”   Matthew 1:21

Craft:  Baby Jesus in a Manger Handprint

  1. Paint your child’s hand with brown washable paint. Push it against a white piece of paper and let dry.
  1. Take some yellow paint and make a circle with outward strokes. This is going to be the hay that the baby will lay on.
  1. Cut out an oval and a circle from white paper. Color the face skin color and the body with a blue crayon. Draw the eyes and a mouth with a black marker. Glue them on top of the yellow paint and you’re done!

Baby Jesus Song

To the tune of "Are you Sleeping Brother John”.

Baby Jesus, baby Jesus,
please don't cry, please don't cry.
Don't you know I love you, Don't you know I love you,
Very much, very much.

Baby Jesus, baby Jesus,
born to us, born to us.
Come let us adore Him, Come let us adore Him.
Joyously, joyously.

Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus   (cup and rock your arms) 
Born to us, Born to us
You came to save us, You came to save us   (raise hands to heaven)
Amen, Amen.           (prayerful hands)

Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus   (cup and rock your arms)
We love you, We love you   (hug yourself)
We're going to heaven, going to heaven  (point upwards)
Thank you, Thank you   (prayerful hands)