Monday, August 29, 2016

The Sneaky Snake - Genesis 3

Genesis 3

Many trees grew in the Garden of Eden.  God told Adam and Eve, “You may eat the fruit from any tree except for one.  Never eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”
Now, there was a sneaky snake in the garden.  
One day, the snake saw Eve near the special tree.  It hissed, “Did God really tell you not to eat the fruit from this tree?”
The snake wanted Eve to disobey God.  It said, “you should try some of this tasty fruit.”
If you eat it, you will be like God.  You will be able to tell the difference between good and evil.”
The fruit looked tasty.  Eve remembered what God had said, but she ate the fruit anyway. Then Eve gave some to Adam.  He took a bite, too.
As the sun was going down, Adam and Eve heard God walking through the garden.  He was looking for them.  Adam and Eve hid among the trees.  They were afraid.
“What have you done?” God asked.  “Did you eat the fruit from the forbidden tree?”  Adam said, “Yes, but Eve gave it to me.” Eve said, “Yes, but the snake tricked me.”
God told the snake, “Because of what you did, you will always crawl on your belly.”  Then he told Adam and Eve, “Because you disobeyed me, you can no longer live in the garden.”

Adam and Eve left the garden.  God placed angels and a flaming sword to guard the entrance.  Adam and Eve would not be allowed in the garden again.

Discussion Questions

  • What tree did God tell Adam and Eve not to eat from?  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil 
  • What did the sneaky snake tell Eve to do? Eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
  • Did Adam and Eve from it?  Yes
  • God was very angry with their decision and the sneaky snake.  What was their punishment? The snake will always crawl on its belly.  Adam and Eve were no longer allowed to live in the Garden of Eden.


Dear God, 
Thank you for the story of the sneaky snake.  Please help us to always be obedient to your directions.  Amen 

Memory Verse

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Genesis 1:1

Craft: Making a Snake 
Paper Plates
Paint (or markers, crayons, etc....) Scissors Wiggly Eyes and glue (optional)                          

Let your child decorate the plate in “Snake Colors,” such as Brown, Orange, Green and Yellow. Show them that they can blend the colors, or even leave some of the plate blank to see the ”ribbed” edges of the plate. 
Once the plates are dry, help your child cut their plates in a spiral shape as seen here. (If you draw in the lines with a pencil, that helps them to know where to cut.) The place where they start the cutting will be the tail and the “circle” in the center will be the head. (Remind them not to cut any pieces all the way off or they’ll have a short snake! ) After cutting out the snake, glue on the wiggly eyes or draw them on with marker or crayon. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Adam and Eve - Genesis 2

Genesis 2

God had planted a beautiful garden for Adam in a place called Eden.  A river flowed through the garden.  
Adam loved his new home.  His job was to name all the animals and care for the garden.  Adam loved all the animals, but he could not find a friend that was just right for him.  So God created a woman.
Adam named her Eve.  She was just right for Adam.  Adam and Eve loved each other.  Together they took care of God’s garden.

Discussion Questions

  • What was the name of the garden God planted for Adam Eden
  • What was Adam’s job in the garden? To name all of the animals
  • Who did God create for Adam?   Eve
  • Did they love each other? Yes


Dear God, 
Thank you for the story of Adam and Eve.  Thank you for creating this beautiful world for us to enjoy!  Amen 

Memory Verses

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Genesis 1:1


A Special Book
(tune of The Mulberry Bush ) 

The Bible is a special book, Special book, special book. The Bible is a special book, My teacher reads to me. 
It tells of people long ago. Long ago, long ago.
It tells of people long ago. And God’s great love for me.


Let’s play a game to help us remember that we are all special. If you hear me say, “If you’re special” before the directions, do what I say. For example, I might say, “If you’re special, stand up.” (Have the every- one stand up.) You’ll have to listen carefully. Don’t follow my directions unless you hear me say, “If you’re special.” 

  • If you’re special, hug yourself. If you’re special, shake a some- one’s hand.
  • If you’re a mouse, crawl on the floor. 
  • If you’re strong, make a fist.
  • If you’re special, pat someone on the back. 
  • If you’re special, hug someone. If you’re in our family, sit down. 
  • If you’re special, jump up and down and shout, “I’m special!” 

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Beginning - Genesis 1

Genesis 1

In the beginning, the world was empty.  Darkness was everywhere.  But God had a plan.
God separated the light from the darkness.  “Let there be light!” he said.  And the light turned on.  He called the light “day.”  And he called the darkness “night.”  This was the end of the very first day.  
Then God said, “I will divide the waters.”  He separated the waters in clouds above from the waters in the ocean below.  He called the space between them “sky.”  This was the end of the second day.
Next, God rolled back the waters and some dry ground appeared.  He made plants of many shapes and colors.  He made mountains, hills, and valleys.  This was the end of the third day. 
God put a shining sun in the sky for daytime.  He put a glowing moon and twinkling stars in the sky for nighttime.  This was the end of the fourth day.
On the fifth day.  God made swishy fish and squiggly creatures to live in the ocean.  Then God made birds to fly across the sky.
On the sixth day, God made animals to creep, crawl, hop, and gallop.  Then from the dust, God made the most wonderful creature of all — a person.

On the seventh day, God rested.  

Discussion Questions

  • Who made the heavens and earth? God did!
  • Who made the sun and the moon,?and the stars to shine at night? God did!
  • Who made all the plants and the animals on the land and in the seas?  God did!
  • Who made the first people? God did!
  • Who made us?  God did!


Dear God, you are the creator of this beautiful world, and you created it for us to enjoy.  Thank you for our time together and the story of Creation.  And thank you that you created the heaven and the earth, and us too!  Amen 

Memory Verses

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Genesis 1:1

Cooking: Light and Dark 

White chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Bananas, Plastic knife 

Guide Your Child To:                  
  • Watch as you melt the white chocolate and the milk chocolate in separate containers. 
  • Slice the banana with the plastic knife. 
  • Dip the banana slices into the chocolates, with the white chocolate being day and the milk chocolate being night. 
Talk About:
  • On what day did God separate the light from the dark? (Day 1) 
  • On what day did God divide the waters? (Day 2)
  • On what day did God roll back the water and have dry land? (Day 3) 
  • On what day did God make the sun, moon and stars? (Day 4)
  • On what day did God make the animals of the air and water? (Day 5) 
  • On what day did God make the animals on the land and man? (Day 6) 
  • On what day did God rest? (Day 7)