Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jesus Chooses His Disciples

Matthew 4:18-22; 10:1-4; Mark 1-3; Luke 5-6

Jesus began to tell people about God.  He knew he had a lot of work to do, and he went to find some helpers.
As Jesus was walking along the seashore, he saw some fisherman.
Jesus called to them, “Come, Follow Me. I will make you fishers of people.”
Right away, they left their boats and followed Jesus.  Their names were Peter, Andrew, James, and John.
Later, Jesus met a tax collector named Matthew.  His job was to get the tax money from the people and give it to the king.  Matthew quit his job to follow Jesus, too.
Jesus chose some more people.  Their names were Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, and another man named James.
Thaddaeus, Simon, and Judas joined them, too.  Jesus now had twelve new followers.  He called them his disciples.  

Jesus taught about God’s love.

Discussion Questions
  • Where did Jesus find some of his disciples? In the sea, they were fishermen
  • What are their names? Peter, Andrew, James, and John. 
  • Jesus also chose a tax collector.  What was his name? Matthew
  • How many disciples were there?  12
  • What did Jesus need his disciples to do?  Jesus needed them to help teach others about God’s love.

Dear God,  thank you for this story.  Please help of us to be fishers of people and share with our friends who You are.  Amen

Memory Verses
“‘Come, follow me’, Jesus said”  Matthew 4:19

Craft:  Fishing Pole with Fish

Supplies Needed:  Stick, ribbon, pencil, construction
 paper (any color), scissors, and a hole punch

  1.   Cut out fish below to use as a template.  
  2.   Trace the the template on the construction paper.  
  3.   Cut the fish out then punch a hole by the mouth
  4.   Tie ribbon on to the pole 
  5.   At the end of the ribbon, place it through the hole by the mouth of the fish and tie.  

Jesus is Lost

Luke 2:41-52

Jesus grew up in Nazareth.  Every year, Jesus and his family would go to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover Feast.
When Jesus was twelve, they went to the Feast as usual.  The streets were crowded with people.
On the way back home to Nazareth, Mary and Joseph couldn’t find Jesus.  They asked their relatives and friends, “Have you seen Jesus?”
But no one knew where he was.
Mary and Joseph went back to Jerusalem.  They looked and looked for Jesus.
Finally, after three days, they found him!  Jesus was talking with the teachers in the temple.  The teachers were amazed.  Jesus was very wise for such a young boy.
Mary and Joseph rushed to Jesus. “We were so worried about you!” said Mary.
Jesus knew God was his Father.  He said, “I had to come to my Father’s house.”  He loved and obeyed his parents, too.  So he returned home with them and grew stronger and wiser.

Discussion Questions
  • Where did Jesus and his parents go in Jerusalem? Passover Feast
  • How hold was Jesus in this story? 12 
  • On their way home they realized Jesus was lost.  Where was he? He was in the temple
  • What was he doing in the temple?  He was talking to the teachers.
  • How long did it take for Mary and Joseph to find Jesus?  3 days


Dear God,  thank you for this story.  Please help us to always obey our parents and follow Jesus.  Amen

Memory Verses
“‘Come, follow me’, Jesus said”  Matthew 4:19

Craft:  I Spy Jesus Bottle
*Due to small pieces and the use of a hot glue gun, please monitor children at all times.

For this craft you will need:
an empty, dry, clean water bottle for each child 
a funnel (A paper made one will work just as well.)
enough rice to fill each water bottle about 3/4 full
Small picture of Jesus
a variety of small objects such as foam shapes, beads, buttons, pom-poms, sequins, 
                jewels, etc.  (Use whatever you have on hand and whatever you can find at the  
               dollar store.)
hot glue gun

Game:  “Mother May I”

One child is chosen to be Mother.  The others line up at least 10 feet away.  Mother gives commands to each of the other players.  Commands are such as, “Tim, you may take one half step forward.” Tim must respond, “Mother, may I?”  The mother than says, “Yes, you may.”  If Tim takes the step without asking for permission, he is out of the game. The first player to reach Mother is the winner and now gets to be the Mother.

Talk to the children about being obedient to their parents as Jesus was obedient to his.

The Bright Star and Three Visitors

Matthew 2:1-12

When Jesus was born, God put a special star in the sky.  Some  Wise Men who lived far away saw this star.  
They knew it was a sign from God that a new king had been born.
The Wise men followed the star.  On their way, they stopped in the city of Jerusalem to see King Herod.  The Wise Men wanted to ask him about the baby king.
Now, Herod was a mean king.  He tried to trick the Wise Men.  “You must find him for me so I can worship him, too!” he said.
The star led the Wise Men to Bethlehem.  There they found little Jesus.  They worshipped him and gave him gifts fit for a king:  gold and sweet-smelling spices.
An angel appeared to the Wise men in a dream. He warned them, “Do not go back to King Herod.”

Discussion Questions

When Jesus was born what did God put in the sky? Star
The Wise Men followed the star.  Where did it lead them? To Bethlehem 
Did they stop some where on the way? Yes, Jerusalem to see King Herod
Did King Herod try to trick the three Wise Men?  Yes, he told them to bring baby Jesus to him so he could worship him.  That was not true.
Who told the Wise Men to return King Herod?  An Angel came to them in a dream

Dear God,  thank you for the story of the three wise men.  May we always remember that Jesus’s birth is what Christmas is all about. Amen

Memory Verses
“God loves us and sent his son”  1 John 4:10

Singing: Jesus Came 
(tune: Deep and Wide) 
Jesus came, Jesus came,
Had a manger for His tiny bed. Jesus came, Jesus came,
Had a manger for His tiny bed. 
Angels sang, Angels sang,
Told the shepherds Baby Jesus came. Angels sang, Angels sang,
Told the shepherds Baby Jesus came. 
Star above, Star above,
Told the wise men Baby Jesus came. Star above, Star above,
Told the wise men Baby Jesus came. 

Sweet Symbol 

(Please read this while holding up a red and white candy cane for your child to see, or allow him to hold it during the reading) 
A significant symbol of Christmas
Is the simple candy cane. It's shape is the crook of the shepherd, one of the first who came. 
The white is Jesus' purity.
The red is sacrifice. 
a gift from God above. 
of how much God cared.
And like His Christmas gift to us
It's meant to be broken and shared. 

The lively peppermint flavor is the regal gift of spice.
The narrow stripes are friendship. And the nearness of his love. Eternal, sweet compassion,
The candy cane reminds us all

Shepherds Visit

Luke 2:8-20

On the night Jesus was born, shepherds were watching their sheep.  Suddenly, an angel stood before them, and God’s light shined all around.
The angel said, “Do not be afraid, I bring joyful news to all people.  Today, in the town of Bethlehem, a Savior has been born!  He is lying in a manger.”
Then a choir of angels appeared.  They sang, “Glory to God in the highest!  Peace and goodwill to everyone on earth!’
The shepherds rushed to Bethlehem.  There they found baby Jesus.  They told Mary and Joseph what the angel said.
As they returned to their sheep, the shepherds told everyone what they had seen and heard.  All along the way, the shepherds shouted praises to God.

Discussion Questions
An angel appeared.  What did he say? He told them do not be afraid and that a Savior has been born!
What happened next? A choir of angels appeared and they sang Glory to God in the highest! Peace and goodwill  to everyone on earth.
Did the shepherds to go to Bethlehem?  Yes, to visit baby Jesus.  They then returned and told everyone what they had seen and heard!

Dear God,  thank you for the story of the Angel that told the good news.  Please help us to tell everyone about Jesus.  Amen

Memory Verses
“God loves us and sent his son”  1 John 4:10

Song:  Angels We Have Heard on High
Angels we have on heard high
Sweetly singing ore the plains
And the mountains in reply
Echo back their joyous strains
Gloria in excelsis Deo
Gloria in excelsis Deo
Shepherds why this Jubilee
Why your joyous strains prolong
What that gladsome tidings be
Which inspire your heavenly son
Gloria in excelsis Deo
Gloria in excelsis Deo
Come to Bethlehem to see him whose birth the angels sing
Come adore on bended knee
Christ the Lord the newborn King
Gloria in excelsis Deo
Gloria in excelsis Deo
See him in a manger laid
Whom the choirs of angels praise
Mary, Joseph, lend your aid
While our hearts in love we raise
Gloria in excelsis Deo
Gloria, in excelsis Deo
Gloria in excelsis Deo

Baby Jesus is Born

Luke 2:1-7

Mary loved Joseph.  Mary and Joseph were going to be married soon.  Joseph lived in Nazareth, but his family lived in Bethlehem.
A new leader named Caesar ordered all people to go back to their homeland.  He wanted to count all the people in his kingdom.  So Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem.
Mary was going to have her baby soon.  When they arrived in Bethlehem, they looked for a safe place to sleep, but all the inns were full.
Finally, a man was able to help them.  He said, “I do not have any rooms left, but you are welcome to sleep in the stable.”
Joseph made a warm place for Mary to rest.  While they were there, little baby Jesus was born. 
Mary wrapped Jesus in strips of cloth and gently laid him in a manger.

Discussion Questions
Where did Joseph go to be counted? Bethlehem
Who went with him? Mary
What happened while they were in Bethlehem? It was time for Mary to have the baby.
Did she have a bed for him?  No, she laid him in a manger.
What did she name him?  Jesus

Dear God, thank you for the story of baby Jesus.  Thank you for sending your son to us.  Amen.

Memory Verses
“God loves us and sent his son”  1 John 4:10

Singing: J-E-S-U-S 
(tune: B-I-N-G-O ) 
A Savior born on Christmas Day, and Jesus is His name-o.
J-E-S-U-S, J-E-S-U-S, J-E-S-U-S, and 
Jesus is His name-o. 
Wise men still seek Him today, 
And Jesus is His name-o.
J-E-S-U-S, J-E-S-U-S, J-E-S-U-S, 
And Jesus is His name-o. 

Activity: “Happy Birthday, Jesus” Party Hat 
Tissue paper in assorted colors, Construction paper or tag board, Scissors, Markers,Stapler, Tape, Glue, Yarn,

1.  Cut a half circle, 16” in diameter, from the construction paper/tag board.                   
2.  Cut a rectangle of tissue paper, fringe it on one side, and roll it up. Tape the uncut side inside the top of the hat, so the fringed side sticks out the hole in the top. 
3.  Cut two pieces of yarn long enough to secure it under the chin; either tape or staple one end of each on either side of the bottom of the cone. 
4.  Use markers to write, “Happy Birthday, Jesus” on the hat. Add small pieces of tissue paper all over the hat to decorate. 
5.  When the glue is dry, shape the half circle into a cone to make a hat, sizing it to fit your child’s head. Staple the sides together. 

An Angel visits Mary

Luke 1:26-38

God sent the angel Gabriel to visit a young woman.  Her name was Mary.  She was scared.  She had never seen an angel before.
Gabriel said, “Don’t be afraid.  You are very special to God.  You will become pregnant and give birth to a son.  You must name him Jesus. 
He will be called the Son of the Most High God.”
Mary asked, “How can it be so?  I am not married.”Gabriel answered, “With God, all things are possible.”
Mary said, “I love God.  I will do what he has chosen me to do.”

Discussion Questions

God sent an angel to visit Mary.  What was his name? Gabriel
What did Gabriel tell Mary? That she was going to have a baby boy.
What did Gabriel tell Mary to name him? Jesus
Mary wanted to know how this could be without being married?  Gabriel told her with God all things are possible.
Did Mary love God?  Yes and she told Gabriel that she will do what he has chosen me to do.

Dear God,  thank you for the story of the Angel that told the good news.  Thank you for sending your son, Jesus.  Amen

Memory Verses
“God loves us and sent his son”  1 John 4:10

Science: Flashlight Lantern 
One clean plastic milk jug Scissors
A flashlight with batteries A Variety of sticker

Guide Your Child To: 
Help you cut off the top portion of the jug above the handle. 
Which Animal? 
Decorate the sides of the jug with stickers. 
Set the flashlight in the jug with the light on, pointing down. 
Hold the lantern by the jug handle to carry it, or hang it by the handle. 
Talk About: 
Where does light come from? Who made light? 
When do you need light most? What kinds of light to you have in your house? 
What kind of light was in our story? What happened? 

Unwrap the Gift 
Place enough treats in a box so there is one for each family member. Wrap the box with several layers of wrapping paper. Have the family sit in a circle. Instruct them to pass the gift around the circle while you play Christmas music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the gift unwraps ONE layer of wrapping paper. When all the layers are unwrapped, let the everyone enjoy the treats inside. 
Talk About: 
What was God’s very best gift to us?
Who is Baby Jesus?
How did the angels find out about him?

How did the shepherds know where to find him?
What are some ways we can thank God for Baby Jesus?