Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Daniel and the Lions-Daniel 6

Darius became the new king of Babylon.  Daniel was his chief helper.  The king’s other helpers did not like Daniel.
They said to the king, “You are such a wonderful king.  You should make a new law that for the next 30 days, everyone must pray only to you.  If they disobey, they will be thrown into the lions’ den.”
King Darius made the new law, but Daniel kept praying to God because Daniel loved God.  The king’s helpers caught him praying.
They told King Darius, “Now you must throw Daniel into the lions’ den.”
The king knew he had been tricked, but he had to obey his new law.
Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den.  He was not afraid.  He knew God would take care of him.  King Darius told Daniel, “I hope your God will save you.”
That night, the king could not sleep.  He was too worried about Daniel.

At sunrise, the king hurried to the lions’ den.  “Has your God saved you from the lions?” he called.  “Yes!” answered Daniel.  “My God sent his angel to protect me.”  King Darius ordered everyone to honor and respect God.

Discussion Questions

  • King Darius had a chief helper.  What was his name? Daniel
  • Were all of King Darius’ helpers good? No
  • The mean helpers tricked Darius into making a new law. What was the law? Everyone would pray only to King Darius for 30 days
  • Daniel continued only to pray to God.  What happened to him?  They threw him in the lions’ den
  • Was Daniel afraid?  No, he knew that God would keep him safe.
  • Did God protect Daniel?  Yes, He sent an angel to protect him
  • After God protected Daniel what did King Darius order everyone to do? To honor and respect God.


Dear God,   Thank you for hearing me when I pray. Please help me to remember to come to you when I am afraid and even when I’m not.  Amen

Memory Verse

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love is forever.”  1 Chronicles 16:34
Freeze Lion!!

Show your child how to be a lion by crawling on the floor, using his hands as claws and making a loud roar.  Play a “freeze” game with your child.  Have him move around the room pretending to roar at Daniel.  You play the angel and signal him to freeze.  He must stop and stay still until he can move again.  Talk with your child about how God kept the mouth of the lion closed to keep Daniel safe.

Protection Daniel

Play this game with your child where he pretends to be the angel in the lion’s den that closes the lions’ mouths.  Draw a simple face on a ping pong ball or a golf ball to represent Daniel.  Use a Dixie cup to represent the lions’ den.  Go outside on the patio or driveway and have your child place the cup on the ground upside down and place “Daniel” on top of the cup.  Use a large ball to be the lion and roll the ball towards “Daniel”.  Have your child protect Daniel by making sure the ball does not hit his “Daniel”.