Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jesus Chooses His Disciples

Matthew 4:18-22; 10:1-4; Mark 1-3; Luke 5-6

Jesus began to tell people about God.  He knew he had a lot of work to do, and he went to find some helpers.
As Jesus was walking along the seashore, he saw some fisherman.
Jesus called to them, “Come, Follow Me. I will make you fishers of people.”
Right away, they left their boats and followed Jesus.  Their names were Peter, Andrew, James, and John.
Later, Jesus met a tax collector named Matthew.  His job was to get the tax money from the people and give it to the king.  Matthew quit his job to follow Jesus, too.
Jesus chose some more people.  Their names were Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, and another man named James.
Thaddaeus, Simon, and Judas joined them, too.  Jesus now had twelve new followers.  He called them his disciples.  

Jesus taught about God’s love.

Discussion Questions

  • Where did Jesus find some of his disciples? In the sea, they were fishermen
  • What are their names? Peter, Andrew, James, and John. 
  • Jesus also chose a tax collector.  What was his name? Matthew
  • How many disciples were there?  12
  • What did Jesus need his disciples to do?  Jesus needed them to help teach others about God’s love.


Dear God,  thank you for this story.  Please help of us to be fishers of people and share with our friends who You are.  Amen

Memory Verses

“‘Come, follow me’, Jesus said”  Matthew 4:19

Craft:  Fishing Pole with Fish

Supplies Needed:  Stick, ribbon, pencil, construction
 paper (any color), scissors, and a hole punch


  1.   Draw a fish on the construction paper.  
  2.   Cut the fish out then punch a hole by the mouth
  3.   Tie ribbon on to the pole 
  4.   At the end of the ribbon, place it through the hole by the mouth of the fish and tie.  

Monday, January 8, 2018

Jesus is Lost

Luke 2:41-52

Jesus grew up in Nazareth.  Every year, Jesus and his family would go to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover Feast.
When Jesus was twelve, they went to the Feast as usual.  The streets were crowded with people.
On the way back home to Nazareth, Mary and Joseph couldn’t find Jesus.  They asked their relatives and friends, “Have you seen Jesus?”
But no one knew where he was.
Mary and Joseph went back to Jerusalem.  They looked and looked for Jesus.
Finally, after three days, they found him!  Jesus was talking with the teachers in the temple.  The teachers were amazed.  Jesus was very wise for such a young boy.
Mary and Joseph rushed to Jesus. “We were so worried about you!” said Mary.
Jesus knew God was his Father.  He said, “I had to come to my Father’s house.”  He loved and obeyed his parents, too.  So he returned home with them and grew stronger and wiser.

Discussion Questions

Where did Jesus and his parents go in Jerusalem? Passover Feast
How hold was Jesus in this story? 12
On their way home they realized Jesus was lost.  Where was he? He was in the temple
What was he doing in the temple?  He was talking to the teachers.
How long did it take for Mary and Joseph to find Jesus?  3 days


Dear God,  thank you for this story.  Please help us to always obey our parents and follow Jesus.  Amen

Memory Verses

“‘Come, follow me’, Jesus said”  Matthew 4:19

Craft:  I Spy Jesus Bottle

*Due to small pieces and the use of a hot glue gun, please monitor children at all times.

For this craft you will need:
 • an empty, dry, clean water bottle for each child
 • a funnel (A paper made one will work just as well.)
 • enough rice to fill each water bottle about 3/4 full
 • Small picture of Jesus
 • tape
 • a variety of small objects such as foam shapes, beads, buttons, pom-poms, sequins,
                jewels, etc.  (Use whatever you have on hand and whatever you can find at the
               dollar store.)
 • hot glue gun

Game:  “Mother May I”

One child is chosen to be Mother.  The others line up at least 10 feet away.  Mother gives commands to each of the other players.  Commands are such as, “Tim, you may take one half step forward.” Tim must respond, “Mother, may I?”  The mother than says, “Yes, you may.”  If Tim takes the step without asking for permission, he is out of the game. The first player to reach Mother is the winner and now gets to be the Mother.

Talk to the children about being obedient to their parents as Jesus was obedient to his.